Range Of Other Products

Grease Traps

Burke precast concrete Grease Trap Units offer a simple and effective solution which intercepts the flow of greasy fluids and solids and stores them prior to a pipe network. These Units are easily installed and only require a basic level of maintenance.  Our grease traps are commonly used in Restaurants, Canteens, Hotels, Fast Food Outlets, Abattoirs and Food Processing

Water Troughs

We manufacture and supply precast concrete products to the agriculture industry.

We provide a range of high quality precast concrete water troughs, feed troughs and water storage tanks at competitive prices . Call today to find out more.

Stakes, Gateposts, Strainer & Struts

Burke’s supply a range of concrete posts, Stakes, Strainers and Struts.

These concrete products are long lasting and maintenance free.

Due to the drycast manufacturing process, our products have a slightly coarse texture which produces a very strong and durable unit.

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